PokeSP: Authors’ messages + Q&A [February 2013]

This month’s messages are shorter than usual. The same goes for the Q&A section, which was updated with only 3 questions

They must be really busy.

Creators’ messages

Kusaka’s message

A month has already passed in 2013!

Hello, this is Kusaka writing! Has everyone been busy devoting their time to Pokémon~??

With the announcement of a new Pokémon game early this year, I’m sure many readers are feeling restless! This includes me, of course~(lol)

As excited as I am, I’m trying not to get distracted by this and focus on doing my work properly…! I’ll give my all for the serialisations in Coro Coro Ichiban! and Pokémon Fan, and the publication of the comics~!!

Speaking of comics, that’s right, Volume 43 has just been released! In this volume, the intense battle with Arceus concludes and the BW arc begins. It would be great if you could pick it up when you go to bookstores! I’ve worked on it extensively and I really hope you will enjoy it thoroughly. Also, if you read it together with the previous volumes 2~3 times, you might make new discoveries! For new readers who don’t own the previous volumes, I would recommend starting from Volume 41! It’s alright to read from the 9th arc, the HGSS arc!

We’ve put up the continuation of the France Report with pictures, do check that out too! You can access it through ‘This month’s news!’ (今月のニュース!). Click on the link button which says ‘Kusaka-sensei and Yamamoto-sensei’s France adventure log’ (日下・山本両先生フランス冒険記!).

Until next month, see you!


Yamamoto’s message

Volume 43 is on sale now.

While the world is buzzing over Pokémon XY, the BW arc finally gets published. There seems to be more readers who are worried about the future of PokéSP than readers who eagerly anticipate its progress. That is understandable, since it’s a Pokémon manga that is well-known for being unpredictable (lol). If you keep track of the US and France edition, you might be aware that the BW arc already has 6 volumes published in those languages. This year, both of us and the editing team are pumped up in getting all of them published here in one go. So don’t forget to save up for PokéSP this year!


Message from the editing team

Hello everyone, this is Editor K. Just when I thought the New Year has just passed, it’s already February. We are currently in the crucial stage of proofreading the chapter which will be featured in Issue 28 of Pokémon Fan.

This chapter is set to be amazing~!  It centres around a tournament battle that determines who is going to be at the top.  And of course, the protagonist, Black, will be battling! How will he battle this tough opponent!? Yamamoto-sensei is working on the chapter right now! Issue 28 of Pokémon Fan which will be out in stores on 20th February.

Don’t miss it~!!

(Editor K)



HN = Handle Name

Q808. Hello. I love Leafeon and I have a question regarding it.  In Volume 30, Dia was cooling himself on top of a rock covered in moss at Eterna Forest (“Mmm, looks cool”). I was wondering, is that the rock needed to evolve Eevee into Leafeon? I would love to get an answer~ (I hope Leafeon would make an appearance soon!) (HN: Re,fia’s question)

Yes, that’s right. I suppose those who have played the game would be familiar with it.  One day if I could write a scene where Eevee evolves by receiving the power of that rock… that would be enjoyable, I suppose! Well good news to Leafeon lovers! Leafeon will be in Volume 43! Look out for it while savouring the finale of the 9th arc! Have fun~! (Kusaka)

Q809. Hello Sensei! I read this month’s Coro Coro Ichiban! . I look forward to reading more about Black’s adventures!  This is my question:  When footprint expert Futomaki-kun reappeared in Volume 39 the footprints on his shirt were different from the ones in Volume 32, 38 and the like.  Is it because he made an appearance in a new arc? I would love to get an answer. Please press on! (HN: Ichiban!’s question)

Thank you for your continuous support! Futomaki-kun’s shirt is pretty amusing! It’s all the fruit of Yamamoto-sensei’s scrupulous work! The footprints on his shirt in the 7th arc belong to Regirock, Regice and Registeel. Now which Pokémon do the footprints on his shirt in the 8th arc (Volume 39) belong to? It’s a minute detail but if you could guess them correctly, you have my respect! (Kusaka)

Q810. Hello! I’m an avid reader of PokéSP. Here is my question: In the GSC arc Raikou was Lt. Surge’s Pokémon, wasn’t it? Why has it become Frontier Brain’s Anabel’s Pokémon in the Emerald arc? Are there more than one Raikou? Or is it because Lt. Surge released Raikou into the wild? If that is so, why did Lt. Surge do that???  My mind is brimming with these questions. I’ll be glad if you could explain this. (HN: Pikka’s question)

The Raikou that appeared in the 3rd arc is the same Raikou that appeared in the 6th arc! I think there is only one in existence… After it fought together with Lt. Surge, then Gold, it eventually became Anabel’s…this is its setting. There is a scene in Chapter 337 “Epilogue” where it is happily reunited with Gold and Pichu! Do look out for it! (Kusaka)

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      This month’s messages were short and there were fewer questions than usual, so I could work on them quickly :)

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